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Welcome to my website! Feel free to look around at stuff and click on the buttons! I might update this section soon.

Updated On: 4/4/2018

Another Small Update

Hello! This is another small update. On discord now, you will see the embed for the website. Also on twitter and facebook they now have icons. Pretty cool.

Posted On: (04/04/2018)

Small Update For This Website

Hello! I have brought a small update for this website! The update adds a much needed discord url. The url is https://wolfie.glitch.me/discord.html which should make it easier to access. Thats all!

Posted On: (04/04/2018)

Mario Kart Wii Videos

On my YouTube have posted 2 Mario Kart Wii videos. You might have noticed they are higher pitched than what they normally would be. I am working on some songs to put into the tracks instead of raising the pitch of the normal songs. This is the reason why it is taking so long for more Mario Kart Wii videos to come out. Whenever I have completed the replacement of the songs, I will tell you guys. Stay tuned!

Posted On: (03/18/2018)